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Materiały do Polskiego Słownika Biograficzno-Genealogicznego

Materials for Polish Biographical and Genealogical Dictionary

sobota, 5 września 2009

Family genealogy of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth


GENEALOGY of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
families in pdf files

The genealogies here developed are part of a project aimed at creating Polish Biographical and Genealogical Dictionary (PSBG) - a set of structured, biographical and genealogical information on families of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - a kind of modern armorial.
Genealogies of individual families are preceded by an introduction on the name, its varieties, origin, places of settlement, family estates, offices held, etc.
Short biographies contain data which makes it possible to identify
quickly the searched person. They are sorted according to generations and placed in alphabetical order. The authors use numerous, published and unpublished sources available today like former studies, office and church records, but also obituaries, family websites and information obtained directly from family members.